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Swiss Coat of Arms Stationery

Step into a world where heritage and opulence meet. This Swiss coat of arms stationery design was exclusively created for a distinguished member of the European aristocracy. Through meticulous craftsmanship, we brought to life a timeless crest that merges ancient heritage with modern grandeur. Read on to discover the journey of its creation.

The Client

Our collaboration on this project was with a member of the European aristocracy whose personal coat of arms is stepped in history and tradition. This private client sought to revive this piece of history - blending the past's grandeur with today's modern twist. 

The Brief

The assignment was a significant undertaking, requiring us to breathe new life into a historic Swiss-Bavarian coat of arms, a true shield of war emblem representing a lineage of honour and nobility. The end product needed to reflect not only its rich history but also the intricate details that make a coat of arms a living, breathing piece of art, thereby reinventing it for contemporary times whilst paying homage to its deeply rooted historical essence, and the significance of the family crest.

The Process

At Downey, we are well-versed in the long and meticulous process that goes into coat of arms design, and bespoke stationery creations. Initiating the project with careful redrawing and refining from an older version, our team spared no detail, working painstakingly to respect the original design whilst instilling a fresh vitality into it.

The rejuvenation process was complex and involved separating the design into various layers, followed by the engraving of copper plates - a task that requires a discerning eye to edge the metal meticulously. This engraving subsequently metamorphosed into stamping dies, marking the initiation of the die-stamping phase, undoubtedly the most time-consuming segment of the project. With an allotment of over 200 hours from start to finish, every colour was attended to individually, a process that spanned over four full days of machine time, culminating in a beautiful emboss that brought definition and shape to the creation. To highlight the stunning intricacies and details, we utilised a burnish to polish the metallic gold and silver inks, enhancing the emblem's visual appeal and historical depth.

The Result

The outcome was a Swiss coat of arms that stands the test of time - embodying intricate detail and historical significance. Holding a magnifying glass to it reveals the minutiae in its exact detail, a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship that merges the old with the new, creating a piece both vibrant and respectful of its storied past.

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