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Patek Philippe Gold Laser Cut Invitations

These exclusive event invitations for Patek Philippe with blind embossed pattern detail are presented in a golden laser cut sleeve and matching handmade golden envelope. They offer a fine example of intricate detailing and expert craftsmanship.

The Client

Patek Philippe is a top tier Swiss watch company, known for being number one in the world of fine watchmaking. Like Downey, they are a family business. As we have a niche and intimate understanding of what a family-run company needs and wants from their creative invitation designers, we pride ourselves on our ability to go above and beyond for businesses like Patek Philippe.

The Brief

In 2014, Patek Philippe came to us looking for a creative design for invitations to the opening of their London salon. They had completely refurbished and expanded their boutique and wanted to throw a launch party to mark the occasion. This meant they needed an invitation that could be everything from a handshake to a welcome to a first glimpse inside their salon. Here at Downey, we know how to stand out from the crowd, so we set about creating a set of gorgeous laser cut invitations that immediately spark anticipation and excitement in the recipient while visually representing a luxury brand like Patek Philippe.

The Process

From ideation to completion, this creative invitation design project took around a month to execute. We immediately knew that, in order to get noticed, we had to go above and beyond what Patek Philippe’s competitors were doing. In a world so exposed to digital, this is one of the reasons why print design is still so exciting - we all love the tactile feeling of holding something delicate, beautiful and real in our hands.

The first step in our creative process is always to speak to the client to understand their specific needs. This can help us be aware of any stipulations they may have with regards to material or colour, and give guidance and suggestions where necessary. As Patek Philippe had indicated that they were open to letting our special projects team inject this design with their creativity, we were immediately intrigued by the possibilities.

We took the initiative to visit the Patek Philippe salon in person to glean inspiration from it. Our team was immediately struck by the unique look of the venue’s wallpaper, and decided they wanted to use that to influence their creative invitation design. With photos and inspiration in hand, our team was ready to turn their design ideas into a beautiful, tangible reality.

The Result

The finished product was less an invitation than a memento of a fantastic launch party, which recipients could keep for years to come. From their use of pattern and textures, Patek Philippe’s gold laser cut invitations called out to be touched and experienced - based on looks alone, these beautiful gold invitations all but demand to be picked up and explored by the recipient.

Inspired by the salon’s wallpaper, our team replicated the pattern on the invitation’s gold sleeve. The card is blind embossed, making it interactive and tactile, and perfectly matches the sleeve when lined up. The sleeve of the invitation features no logo, allowing the work to speak for itself. All of the materials, shapes and colours delicately complement and match one another.

Downey’s elegant and luxury craftsmanship process is typified by gold laser cut invitations. All of our processes and designs are done in-house, from the fine precision laser cutting you see on the sleeve to the blind embossing of the back panel and calligraphy on the inside. We take great pride in our work and know just how to create a unique invitation that perfectly matches and embodies the craftsmanship and attention to detail Patek Philippe is known for.

In the end, we were thrilled to hear that Patek Philippe enjoyed a successful launch and that our gold invitations were well received, enabling the development of the strong foundations of a long and successful collaborative relationship. We are pleased to have been a part of this creative invitation design process, and look forward to many more years working with brands such as Patek Philippe to create exciting and unique invitations.

Creative Invitation Design from Downey

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