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Italian Wedding Invitation Suite and Wedding Presentation Box

We designed and produced this truly unique wedding invitation suite and wedding presentation box for a lavish Italian wedding. When opened, the box revealed a special invitation suite on multiple levels, including the ceremony invite with a pop-up illustration of the venue, a wedding party invitation, a dinner menu and escort cards.

The Client

This project was commissioned by an exclusive and high profile event planner who was working with a couple planning their dream wedding.

The Brief

Our client came to us seeking a wedding invitation that would match the lavish event that was to take place. The guests would be flown out to Rome where, over the course of a few days, a host of different events would occur. Not only did the invitations have to contain the practical information (times, dates, itineraries, etc.) and give each event the prominence it deserved, they also had to act as a memento of the occasion - a gorgeous gift that would excite, inspire and amaze the guests upon reception and be treasured for years to come.

The Process

We have chosen our team for their innovative minds - as well as their years of experience in print - and are proud to say our designers are highly skilled at problem solving, making this project an exciting challenge that allowed them to flex their creative muscles. No matter the project, they are able to discern what a client is trying to achieve and make that desire a reality. This is one of our many specialities and that’s why we are trusted with intricate projects such as this one.

As always, our designers began their creative process by speaking with the client and learning what they hoped to achieve from the finished product. Afterwards, they had an internal conversation, discussing how to come up with a practical yet beautiful solution.

This project took three months to finish due to all of the intricate details and care that went into it, and we are pleased to say that this is one of our finest creations yet. While this was not the first of our innovative projects, we often look back at this design as the one that allowed our designers to truly refine and hone their skills. It was the turning point where Downey rose to another level of bespoke creation.

The Result

We firmly believe that the attention to detail is what makes or breaks a project. Even the tiniest element deserves the utmost attention. It’s important not to lose track of this during large projects, and the end result of this wedding invitation suite and wedding presentation box is proof that the Downey team is highly skilled at avoiding that. From the shape of the lettering and monogram to the way the invitations were eventually delivered, each section of this invitation suite was carefully created.

The outside of the box is a pattern inspired by the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and includes a monogram of the engaged couple’s first initials, created with gold foil and embossing, that adds a personalised touch. To add to this project’s uniqueness, the clasp on the lid was sourced from a handbag supplier - another nod to the unreplicable vision our special projects team had for this creation.

When the lid is opened, the recipient is met with not just a wedding invitation suite but an entire experience. First they see a 3D pop-up of the Trevi Fountain, a major icon of Rome that our team brought to life, with a background of blue sky, clouds and birds. Its layers are highly detailed and embossed to make it look just like the real fountain - a tribute to the beauty you can create through print and paper. At the base there is engraved text introducing the wedding day and first event. A ribbon tab invites you to pull it open, where the main invitation is presented, engraved with gold and mounted.

From there, a side opening reveals different hidden layers. As you open them one by one, two trays are revealed, holding invitations to the additional parties that will be held. Much like stepping stones, these trays visually represent the days of events that are to come.

The invitations themselves aren’t just regular print - they have been handcrafted, showcasing our special projects team’s intensive skills, handiwork and attention to detail. They feature colour print, embossing and a process called spot UV lamination, which adds a gloss detail on top of selected areas, allowing us to visually bring attention to certain fine details.

Once finished, the final thing to take into consideration was how the guests would receive the invitation as it wouldn’t fit in a standard box. Our solution was to create thick cardboard carrying cases so that they could be transported without being damaged.

We truly believe this is a statement project that stands out on its own accord because of the amazing end result. It’s beautiful when closed and innovative and enticing when opened - a perfect representation of the phenomenal and creative projects we have the skills to undertake here at Downey.

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