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Indian Wedding Invitation Suite and Presentation Box

Richly coloured sarees, the scent of marigold and sandalwood, and the rhythmic beats of the dhol; Indian weddings are a tapestry of sound, light and spectacle. These invitations, created for a glamorous multi-day wedding, had to live up to the rest of the celebrations. We used bold coloured card stock, laser cutting and gold engraving to create this treasure chest of wedding invitations. Read on to discover more about how we crafted this piece.

The Client

These wedding invitations and presentation boxes were made for an Indian couple for their multi-day wedding celebrations. The wedding was to be showstopping, and the invitations nothing less. 

The Brief

The couple asked us to design a bespoke invitation suite that would capture their wedding, and be in keeping with heritage and tradition. We took on this brief eagerly - challenging multi-layered projects give our skilled design team the chance to show what they’re truly capable of.

The Process

Creating a wedding suite such as this one requires as much thought as planning as it does in the actual making. Our designers must consider how different elements come into play to make the final piece. Each invite was to a separate event at the wedding and had to strike its own chord whilst having a perfect synergy with the rest of the set, 

As these were Indian wedding invitations, the use of shapes, colour and patterns were considered carefully in how to bring the piece together. 

One of the most distinctive elements of Indian patterns is their intricate detail. Many designs feature complex geometric shapes, floral motifs, and other detailed patterns that require a high level of skill and precision to create. This intricate detail can be seen in everything from traditional Indian textiles and pottery to architecture and jewellery.

We wanted to emulate these motifs across the invitation suite. The turquoise invitation in particular embraces this, with gold foil detailing creating a swirled geometric floral pattern. The top and bottom of this invitation folded inwards, creating a reverse envelope with the pattern decorating each end. Combined with the turquoise card and gold lettering, this invite set a striking tone in the whole set.

Bold magenta and tangerine contrast together in the next invitation, both key colours in the Indian colour palette. In this wedding invitation, we used laser cutting to create the door shape and the geometric patterns. We also used gold engraving for the text and symbols which tied the piece together. 

Both the other invitations are made of cream cardstock. The large invite for the main wedding ceremony is set with a ribbon of deep purple around it and in the centre are the couple's initials inside a copper foil engraved mandala. This mandala is reflected on a larger more detailed scale on the other invite, yet with different patterns inside, pairing the two together beautifully.  

The invites all fit snugly into the deep purple presentation box, embossed with the clients initials. The plush box is made of soft touch purple stock 

The Result

And voila. The finished result was a wedding suite and presentation box set for the glamorous celebrations ahead.

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