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Cartier Presentation Box and Luxury Packaging Design

This luxury presentation box with an embedded pocket is an exquisite example of true brand representation. The vibrant red Cartier colour and gold metallic foil detailing, along with creativity and fine craftsmanship, are an impressive manifestation of Cartier’s style and brand values.

The Client

Cartier needs no introduction. The French luxury icon and fine jewellery company is perhaps the highest regarded jeweller in the world. Established in Paris back in the 1800s, the company expanded globally and has been a fixture in cities like London and New York City for decades.

The Brief

Downey has worked with Cartier for over 20 years, and we were ecstatic when they came to us in October of 2013 with a new challenge. They needed a presentation box to hold a portfolio and DVD featuring images of their latest high jewellery range. As the purpose of showcasing high jewellery concepts in such a manner is to inspire recipients to commission their own bespoke design, our projects team knew they needed a luxury packaging design that embodied Cartier’s style and values while still allowing the focus to rest on the beautiful gemstones on display.

The Process

Over the years, we have formed a great working relationship with Cartier and our team intimately knows the level of quality and standards at which they operate. This level of understanding allows us to anticipate questions before they are even asked and demonstrate that we are fluent in the visual language of Cartier’s packaging.

It goes without saying that a luxury brand like Cartier needs a luxury packaging design. Over the course of a month, our team dedicated themselves to planning and producing the ideal luxury packaging design for Cartier. We sat down with the client, listening to their specific requirements and concerns and guiding them with our expert knowledge of branding and packaging.

Then it was time to put pen to paper, so to speak, and create a presentation box fitting of a brand like Cartier.

The Result

Our team’s finished product was this elegant piece of Cartier packaging. The presentation box proudly dons the iconic Cartier red - the same material they use in their own product packaging. The interior boasts a gorgeous black suede. It is tactile with clean, sharp lines, presenting the high jewellery concepts in a way that allows them to take centre stage without fading into the background. The box exudes luxury and attention to detail - just like Cartier.

Enjoy Luxury Packaging Designs That Embody Your Brand

Here at Downey, our special projects team has a proven track record of creating designs that perfectly exemplify a brand’s personality. They are skilled and passionate problem solvers, and a safe pair of hands for a company’s branding and packaging needs. From luxurious presentation boxes like this one to unique invitations and bespoke coat of arm designs, our team of specialists are on hand and ready to help guide you towards an inspiring outcome for your next print or design project.

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