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Luxury Communications Council Event Invitations

Get lost in waves of cerulean blue - this mesmerising marble pattern combines a  swirling sea of tones with flecks of gold foil. Cyan, aqua and forest green come together to create a visual symphony in this event invitation made for the Luxury Communications Council. Read on to see how we made this hypnotic design. 

The Client

These event invitations were made for the Luxury Communications Council  in association with Vogue Business.  They were created for their annual ‘Leaders Forum’ conference that explores trends and new technologies in the luxury industry. 

The Brief

Each year we produce the invitations for this event, and each year we try to do something different. The brief was simple; create a luxury invitation for the LCC event. The rest was left in our capable hands. 

The Process

For this invitation, the client handed us the creative keys and left the designing up to us. Despite traditionally being luxury printers, over the years we have expanded our expertise and are now pioneers in the creative design field. We have made countless bespoke creations for our clients, including luxury stationery, pop-up invitations and illustrations from conception to final product. 

We used our creative juices to ideate this event invitation. Coming up with a unique idea from scratch requires thinking outside the box and making distinct design choices. For this invitation, we actually used an aerial photo of sand dunes as our stimulus. Nature has a variety of fascinating natural shapes and patterns. Sand dunes are formed over years and years, yet are also ever-changing structures that are subject to the whims of the elements. These mesmerising natural patterns within the sand were inspiring to us, so we used an image of sand dunes as the basis for this design,

After uploading the image on the computer we played around with and adjusted the colours. This creative process made the image change from sand dunes into something other - creating gorgeous blue shapes and deep greens in hypnotic waves. The use of these colours made the picture resemble something more like a coastline or swirled marble - highlighting the wonders of what colour and tone can do. On top of this, we added gold foil detail, which added a final touch to the beautiful design.  We married this with a teal envelope card and white invitation card to create a gorgeous finished set. 

The Result

The finished result was a set of elegant and unique event invitations- a perfect fit for the LCC event.  

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