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UGG Coachella Invitation

Watercolour sunsets,  golden dust valleys and famous faces; this neon invitation was a match made in heaven for Coachella Festival, where the status quo is to see and be seen. This invitation makes no apologies and is ready to be etched into your memory. We used electric blood card stock and neon colours in order to make it festival ready. Read on to see how we did it. 

The Client

A sspecialist design agency who’s client, UGG, has iconic status, with their boots being bought by millions around the world, UGG Australia classify themselves as ‘laidback luxury’ - a perfect match for the nonchalant cool of Coachella. 

The Brief

In 2014, UGG required 80 Coachella invitations for a VIP guestlist. Their design studio wanted to bring their idea to life and make their festival invitations have an impact. 

The Process

For luxury brand invitations, we work on a client by client basis. Each client and project is completely unique, and is treated as such. As we are bespoke printers, we can create pretty much anything  a client wants. It doesn’t matter to us if we’ve done it before, we’re more than happy to take on new challenges. In fact, we embrace it. 

For this invitation design, we used a completely new medium for us - ‘electric blood cardstock’. This unapologetic material is what allows this card to have the fiery neon red colour which makes this invitation unique. Pushing the boundaries of our comfort zone and experimenting with new materials is part of what makes us special. 

Often at Downey, it is the seemingly simpler designs that actually require very intricate and time consuming processes. For this invitation card design, we used a white foil undercoat beneath the neon yellow. Without this hidden key ingredient, the yellow of the ferris wheel would have been dull and without detail. This process is difficult to do because of the fine lines in the Ferris wheel, and our specialists at Downey had to act with the utmost care to produce the final product. 

The devil is in the details with any design we do. If you zoom in on this design, or were to see it in the flesh, you would see neon tiny glitter specks that make the design sparkle slightly under light. Under the warm California sun - this invitation certainly stood out from the crowd. 

The Result

The finished result was a collection of show-stopping invitations for Coachella that our client loved. 

Festival Invitations and More 

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