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Patek Philippe Bespoke Invitations

Fall down the rabbit hole of this swirled spiral staircase, crafted especially for our client Patek Philippe. Elegant, rich and ornate, yet created with a handful of our more simple processes, read on to see how we designed this bespoke invitation for an intimate dinner.

The Client

We made these bespoke event invitations for our client Patek Philippe. Our projects for them have been as varied as their own creations, such as presentation boxes, pop-up invitations and exhibition bags. 

The Brief

This event invitation was made for their client meal at HIDE restaurant. Only a small number of these invitations were printed, making this project particularly bespoke. Our brief was simply to design an invitation that complemented this intimate event and, of course, Patek Philippe as a brand. We used this simple instruction as a starting point for our ideation.

The Process

The process for the invitation took two weeks — one week in design and one week in production. The starting point was with our artists, who sketched out the blueprint for the invitation. This is where we let our imagination run wild. 

With this invitation design, we took inspiration from the beautiful staircase at HIDE restaurant. Their feature staircase is a stunning art deco structure that is as whimsical as it is practical, intriguing and delighting guests as they sit down for dinner. 

We wanted to replicate these sensations for those opening the invitation. Our designers expertly used gold card material, laser cut into an ornate sleeve to represent the shape of the staircase. This was layered over a light grey invitation card that offset the gold and made it pop. 

The text and gold leaf detailing were both made using gold foil, handled in different ways. The text was printed as normal, using gold foil as the printing element. For the leaf detailing, we applied the gold foil with a textured emboss onto the base, creating this beautiful look. This is just one example of how we can use one material to create varied and stunning decoration.

The prized jewel in the crown of this invitation can be found right in the centre of the pattern. As you follow the design further inwards, spot the Patek Philippe logo, cradled inside the eye of the staircase. It’s finishing touches like these that make our work at Downey extra special. 

The Result

The finished result was an ornate, unique and expertly crafted design; much like the staircase itself. The aim of enticing and intriguing the guests with a bespoke invitation was met, which led onto a brilliant evening.

Event Invitations, Presentation Boxes and More

Do you want an event invitation to wow your guests? We can help you craft any invitation you like. We can even create a bespoke packaging box if you want the full works. Our experts here at Downey are here to help and guide you every step of the way. Please contact our team for information and guidance on how we can create a beautifully bespoke project tailored to you.