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Patek Philippe Special Commission Luxury Invitation and Presentation Box

Beauty. Anticipation. Attention to detail. These gorgeous luxury invitations and presentation boxes for Patek Philippe were the perfect introduction to their exclusive watch showcase.

The Client

Patek Philippe specialises in the crafting of luxury watches and clocks. This independent Swiss-French family-owned company was established in 1839, and is the last of its kind in Geneva.

The Brief

In the spring of 2019, the team at Patek Philippe came to us with an exciting design project. They were hosting an exhibition in London to showcase their new collection of watches. This was to be a very intimate event, exclusively for the top 40 clients.

The client encouraged us to be as creative as we could — this was an opportunity for us to express ourselves and truly showcase our print and design skills.

The Process

We immediately thought of an interesting way to approach these invitations — what if they reflected the location and venue, giving the recipient a taste of what was to come? They would receive a gorgeous and impressive invitation, only to later realise it was heavily inspired by the event space — an exciting ‘a-ha!’ moment for them. All in all, the purpose of this invitation would be to excite and intrigue the recipient before the event and act as a gorgeous memento after.

We began by presenting our initial ideas on mood boards, which we shared with the client for approval. We also requested access to the venue for additional inspiration, taking along photographers to capture the colours, patterns and shapes. It was important for our designers to immerse themselves in the venue, to truly understand what was needed to complete the finished product.

With all this information in hand, all that was left to do is what we do best: create.

The Result

The entire process took us around seven weeks to complete — from ideation to completion — and the production time itself was about two weeks. For a project such as this, the turnaround was quick, and yet the finished product was a gorgeous representation of what our team is capable of, even under tight deadlines.

When the box is closed, it has a pleasant appearance that makes you want to open it — giving no clues as to what could possibly be inside. Once opened, your breath is immediately taken away by the combination of browns and golds, along with the embossed details and textures. More and more doors reveal themselves, much like a Russian doll, mimicking the way you would move through the venue. Eventually, you are greeted with impressively presented stained glass windows in the final flourish.

The invitation itself is a simple cream coloured card with gold foil, and calligraphy as the finishing touch. The colour of the box matches the wood of the venue and, while it is made of card, it still appears as weighted and finished as a real wooden box. The stained glass was inspired by the venue’s actual stained glass windows, and the inner lid reflects the details on the ceiling.

We used a variety of processes for this project, including foiling and embossing mounting cards. All of this is beautiful, but it’s the attention to detail and quality — and the reflection of the venue — that truly make this project special.

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