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Dom Perignon Invitation and Presentation Box

Gold foil on Ebony card – the perfect combination. Here to make a statement, these Dom Perignon presentation boxes were created with embossed gold foil and a touch of our skilled craftsmanship.  Evoking elegance and luxury, these dining event invitations were the perfect emblem for their showcase. Read on to see how we made them.

The Client

These invitation and presentation boxes were created for the esteemed vintage champagne brand, Dom Perignon

The Brief

Back in 2016, Dom Perignon came to us to make 70 invitation and presentation boxes for their showcase. It’s a speciality here at Downey that we can make both invitations and presentation boxes in one - and an added bonus that we make them very well. 

We had to work within the black and gold colours of the Dom Perignon brand, and were also given the illustration to use on the invitations. The rest was up to us. 

The Process

The first thing we do with projects such as these is digest exactly what the client wants, and what we can ideate from this. It’s part of our craft to work out how to be creative and respectful with restrictions and to use these guidelines to form an idea that our client loves. 

The illustration led the way in terms of design. The drawing itself is of Dom Perignon’s  experiential black box pop up event - so we based the design around this concept and created our own black box with a pop up invitation. We inserted a magnetic flap, and made the internal base on an angle,  meaning that when opening the box the invitation is presented to you like a gift. 

The illustration also guided us on how we could strike a balance with form and layout. We wanted to marry the illustration with the text and this required careful design work. The aesthetic and practical considerations resulted in the invitation being landscape - again demonstrating how creating with guidelines requires thinking outside the box in a strategic fashion.

We used gold foil on the illustration to elevate the signature colour of Dom Perignon, which beautifully contrasted with the Colorplan Ebony. We also placed gold foil around the rim of the pop out invitation, which was a subtle but effective tie that brought the whole piece together.

The Result

The finished result was 70 pop up invitations that wow’d guests and perfectly complemented the event.

Event Invitations, Presentation Boxes and More

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