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Scroll Wedding Menu

Ancient and modern Rome collide in this beautiful scroll menu, designed for a lavish wedding in Italy. Each scroll was handcrafted using a hand tearing technique, tied with a leather cord and placed on each guest's plate to greet them as they were seated for the celebration dinner.

The Client

We made this intricate scroll wedding menu for a couple who were celebrating their dream wedding in Rome. 

The Brief

The menu was just one part of a larger project in which we designed a wedding invitation suite and invitation box for the four-day celebration. This ‘Pandora’s box’ of a wedding invitation suite had multiple hidden levels, which each contained an invitation to a different party at the wedding. Therefore, the menu design needed to complement the rest of the wedding’s many aspects beautifully - one piece of a very elaborate puzzle that blended seamlessly into the overall design.

The Process

The couple had a theme in mind when they came to us, which we then used to create the menu design. These initial conversations with our clients are incredibly important to us. This is where we listen to exactly what they want and understand how we can help them create something tailored, bespoke and utterly unique. 

We used the theme of Ancient Rome to create this wedding menu, designed to be reminiscent of the papyrus scrolls of old. We used a very thin paper on which we printed the menu contents on one side and an elaborate design on the other. Both the pattern and the font were themed around Ancient Rome, and our designers flexed their creative muscles in order to encapsulate this in a modern and chic way.

Each scroll was individually hand torn. This is the only way that this particular effect can be achieved with the desired result. It takes experts to achieve this type of controlled ripping technique that gives an item this rustic edge. Here at Downey, our team is incredibly skilled at creating bespoke unique designs like this one for clients.

The Result

The finished result was a beautiful scroll menu that fit the celebrations perfectly. The printed design provided a beautiful dash of colour and a modern touch, whilst the hand tearing technique gave it the gorgeous rustic element. This is a brilliant example of how a client's choice of theme was implemented into our ideation process to create something utterly bespoke, beautiful and unforgettable. 

Wedding Menu Design, Invitations and More 

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