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Bespoke Cartier Collection Folios

We have proudly worked with Cartier for over two decades and, in that time, we have produced many wonderful bespoke projects for them. This series of handmade folios with slip cases are no exception. With the iconic Cartier branding and colours in use and the meticulous attention to detail, this collection adheres to all levels of Cartier branding guidelines and quality standards. It is a gorgeous client facing piece that perfectly accompanies the bespoke jewellery collection.

The Client

Cartier is one of our favourite and most prestigious clients. We have worked with this iconic jewellery company for decades now, helping them with all their bespoke print and design needs from luxury presentation boxes and jewellery catalogues through to Cartier collection folios such as this one.

The Brief

Cartier first came to us back in 2017, looking for our help with their next set of bespoke brand folios, and then came to us for another batch in 2020. They were looking for a place where their clients could store visuals of and information about their Cartier jewellery collections, with the flexibility to add more over time if they chose to. We were tasked with coming up with an innovative and beautiful solution - which ended up being the beautiful handmade folios you see here.

They requested the finished product be extravagant yet elegant, as these collection folios were to be gifted to their top tier clients as part of their bespoke services. The folios were provided to assist their clients with record and document keeping, whilst still giving them the option to add to their jewellery collections in the future.

The Process

The whole process took approximately two weeks. Despite the short timeframe, we were aware this was a major project that needed to be 100% perfect - and our team was more than up for the challenge. We knew the slightest blemish or imperfection could be means for rejection, and that each folio had to be to the same standard as Cartier’s own branding and jewellery. Each and every detail was carefully considered, down to the length of the ribbon - nothing was done by chance.

The Result

The end result you see here is a Cartier folio for an individual’s collection of jewellery to assist with record keeping. The folio itself matches Cartier’s packaging materials, including the colours and finish, with matching case.

The thickness of this slip case was very carefully considered as there were many different factors to think about. Firstly, it had to be solid but couldn’t have been made out of wood as that would have been too heavy. Secondly, it had to be usable and practical - it couldn’t, for example, be a large and ornate treasure chest - as it has to be easily handled by an administrator. Thirdly, it needed the perfect amount of support; too much would have made it rigid, while not enough would have resulted in a finished piece that was unpleasantly flexible and flimsy. In short, it needed to be beautiful yet practical - something we were very proud to achieve.

Inside is a gold-plated ring mechanism with pockets that easily hold an image of the jewellery in question, along with any receipts and other relevant documentation.

This is a purely handmade and bespoke project, with a huge emphasis on its handcrafted nature. While it may look simple, it is completely bespoke and of the highest tier, as is anything under the Cartier brand name.

Bespoke Brand Folios from Downey

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