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Downey Valentines Gift Set

Cupid’s kiss has landed on these elegant and romantic greeting cards, made bespoke for Valentine’s Day. Crisp white card offsets the red foil metallic hearts on these delicate note card sets. Each of which can be a message to a special someone on Valentines Day - read on to see how we created these sweet nothings. 

The Client

We sent these Valentines Day greeting cards out to our esteemed clients - to show them some well deserved love on the most adoring day of the year. 

The Brief

We wanted to show our appreciation to our most faithful clients,  but rather than write on the cards ourselves, make greeting cards they could use to send to the people they love. This is why we created a notecard set - each of which contained 10 cards and 10 envelopes. We envisioned this set to be simple and beautiful, rather like love itself.

The Process

For the base we used a bright white card- that had almost a blue tinge due to the ice-white tone.  Contrary to popular belief, white is in fact a colour and can have many different shades. With over 100 years of printing expertise, we have a deep appreciation and knowledge on how the right white can be a perfect tonal choice match for a piece of work, and make a gorgeous completed product. Our wedding invitations and presentation boxes are perfect examples. 

Nothing symbolises love more than a red heart, and we printed a single one on each greeting card.  We used chilli red metallic foil to create the heart, which was finished using a domed emboss. This gave the heart a curved and moulded look, as if it was coming out of the page towards the recipient - quite literally sending them love. Combined with the shiny metallic red, this gave a pop of colour and texture to an otherwise simple card. Around the edges of the card we laced the same red foil, tying the notegard together with simple elegance. 

For the envelope, we used the same crisp ice white paper as the greeting card. Inside we created a custom lining made with clear gloss foil, where we printed a design of small white hearts. These gorgeous hearts caught the light as the envelope was opened, with the gloss giving it a shimmering and wholly romantic feel. Only one of these hearts was printed with red foil, mirroring the heart on the greeting card itself. 

The Result

The finished result was a set of elegant and truly lovely notecards, perfect for Valentines Day. 

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