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Patek Philippe Diamond Invitation and Presentation Box

These bespoke event invitations are everybody’s best friend! We designed these lovely luxury invitations for Patek Philippe London, incorporating mirror cardstock and black metallic foil. They were then cut and transformed into 3D objects housed within black suede-lined presentation boxes.

The Client

Patek Philippe has been one of the best fine watchmaking companies in the world since 1839. Like Downey, they are a family-run business, simplifying our partnership even further — after all, we know firsthand what a family-owned company needs and wants.

The Swiss business knows perfection inside and out, priding themselves on their flawless designs. Their clients have come to expect and love the uniqueness, beauty, quality and reliability of their timepieces, making Patek Philippe the brand they return to time and time again.

The Brief

In 2013, Patek Philippe came to us looking for luxury invitations for a womens’ workshop and dinner. The dinner itself was celebrating one of Patek Philippe’s watches — one that featured a lot of diamonds.

The client wasn’t sure exactly what they wanted for this event — all they knew is that they wanted something amazing. While we have a long-standing relationship with them now, this was one of the first projects we completed for them, which meant we had to knock it out of the park and impress them from the get-go.

We’re pleased to say we did. Here’s how.

The Process

This project took our talented designers one week to complete. To date, it’s one of our favourite projects as it really gave us the chance to think outside the box.

As always, our design process began with a brainstorming session, in which we found a bespoke, unique and creative design solution. In this case, as the event was centred around diamonds and the theme was diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we thought the luxury invitations should match.

We decided the invitations themselves should be shaped as diamonds. The main challenge with this was getting the finished product to perfectly mimic the precious stone and its many colours. Our solution? A mirror card with an array of colours in it, allowing the material to gleam as the light hits it - just like a diamond.

The Result

We were very happy with the end result and, more importantly, so was the client.

The finished project itself was made up of two elements. The first, the luxury invitation box in which the invitation sat, was simple. It was made of a black leather material and lined with black suede. In the base of the inside of the box was a mount to keep the diamond invitation in position.

The second element was the invitation itself. It was shaped as a 3D diamond made of mirrored card and paper, giving it an impressive and unique look. The details of the invitation were printed with a foil for the text details, and we used a cutting tool that creased the deeper lines.

Perhaps the most important part of this project was ensuring the diamond invitation stayed perfectly in its mount. We needed to put a weight at the base of the invitation to give it substantiality and ensure it wouldn’t get knocked around during transit, and the cardstock itself needed to have the perfect weight to ensure stability - all this, while still making sure the finished product had a luxurious feel.

In the end, we created 25 invitations - and each one was as beautiful and impressive as a real diamond.

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