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Dovert Stationery Suite


During 2016 we collaborated with Dovert, a start up fashion brand based in Miami and their London-based design agency, Paul Barry Design. We worked closely with the team to create a stationery set, taking inspiration from the motor racing industry by which the brand is heavily influenced. The finished stationery suite impressed the client, especially with the bright red stripe that allowed the design to truly pop.

The Client

Dovert was a Miami-based apparel startup heavily influenced by the racing circuits of the 60s and 70s. At Downey, our team worked closely with the brand to create a selection of stationery that resonated and blended well with Dovert’s style of hoodies, t-shirts and snapbacks. 

The Brief

Our relationship with Dovert started through a design agency we frequently work with, Paul Barry Design, which was instrumental in the final product. Paul frequently works with luxury-level brands, and the collaboration allowed us to figure out the best way of reproducing the designs he created. 

Because Dovert was US-based, our team had to ensure that everything created was built for an American audience. For example, there is no traditional A4 size, so many items were custom made to fit the client. Our special projects team are experienced in this, however, and have the knowledge to easily cater to an international audience.

The Process

As with any project, our team began by getting a deeper understanding of the Dovert brand by working with the brand and the designer. As the visuals already existed on the screen, we began working together to make them come to life in a physical copy, exactly how they needed to be.

Our team is dedicated to creating exceptional items, so we worked closely with the end client and designer. This allowed us to bring their vision and concepts to life through production and materials, without sacrificing on any important design and style elements.

One we’d drafted the stationery set everyone was happy with, we got to work sourcing the materials and producing the finished product for Dovert.

The Result

The finished products were stunning pieces of stationery that stood out and blended well with the branding and imagery of Dovert.

With the use of bright red racing stripes, our designs were able to pop in a way that was reminiscent of the racing pedigree that influenced the brand. Our attention to detail meant that each element of the items was considered, whether that was with the back and sides of the stationery.

We used a black metallic foil for detailing on the logo, along with a tinted icon that could be used in the background of letterheads. For this tint, our team had to create the right shade of grey in order to provide just the right level of opacity the client wanted.

Drawing on the existing designs we had to work with, we also created a three strip design that included gloss dot UV elements and detailing.

Thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced team, the client was thrilled with the exceptional stationery suite crafted.

Luxurious Stationery Created For Your Brand

At Downey, our special projects team have the knowledge and experience to design and create any number of stationery sets that blend seamlessly with your branding. Passionate, skilled and driven, they can spot any potential setbacks well in advance, ensuring that your whole project runs smoothly and efficiently. Contact our team to discuss your project and share your ideas - we’re more than happy to collaborate to design the perfect stationery suite for your business.