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Annabel’s Brochure Design

By invitation only. Knock on the door of Wonderland with these whimsical brochures, created for the illustrious private members club Annabel’s. This eccentric design teases the onlooker, with a half concealed illustration only giving you a partial view of the design. Much like Annabel’s itself - this brochure isn’t open to everyone. Read on to see how we made it. 

The Client

These brochures were made for the infamous Annabel’s; one of the most sought after private members clubs in London. 

The Brief

The brief was for us to print brochures that encapsulated the spirit of Annabel’s. The illustration was given to us by the design agency, and we wanted to print this decadent drawing as faithfully as possible.

The Process

Our history as luxury printers goes back over 100 years. Our roots are in the city, and we have printed for top creative houses in London; making invitations, brochures and packaging for prestigious events all over town. 

Despite expanding our craft over the years, printing is historically our forte. It’s in our blood, and we can print any design to the absolute highest standard, without a single detail, feature or colour being lost. For this brochure design, we used full colour lithographic printing to bring the illustrations to life and showcase the bold yet delicate watercolour. Spot how the green velvet jacket of the Fox gleams out from the page, and how the sea blue hues on the dress seem to shimmer in the light.  

The brochure layout, designed by us, gives this piece its flair. We used blind embossing on red card stock and applied this as a half wrap around the front cover. This semi-concealed design creates exploration in the work - giving the onlooker partial discovery, and enticing them know more. There’s nothing that piques curiosity more than a half truth. 

The Result

The finished result was a set of unique brochures with bold watercolour illustrations and a whimsical style that playfully coaxes the recipient. 

Brochures, Illustrations and More

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