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Coat of Arms Letterhead

Meticulous design, fine details and master craftsmanship. This coat of arms stationery letterhead was produced using five colour die-stamping, perfect registration and sculpted emboss to give the image a raised effect.

The Client

We made this intricate coat of arms letterhead for a private client as part of their personal stationery collection. We specialise in working with coat of arms designs and, over the years, we have completed many different projects for a multitude of clients. Creating a coat of arms project requires a set of unique skills, techniques and craftsmanship that our specialists at Downey are experts in.

The Brief

The client came to us with a request to incorporate their coat of arms onto personalised stationery - specifically a letterhead design. This particular coat of arms is a Swiss coat of arms, evident from the shape, details and gorgeous colouring. 

The Process

This project took around 60 hours to complete - but it was well worth every second. Coat of arms letterhead creation is a journey of craft, dedication and meticulous attention to detail, and a process that we thoroughly enjoy.

It all starts with a conversation that allows us to understand what the client truly wants.  Coats of arms are heraldic symbols and some represent generations of family history, so they are often of deep personal importance to a client. Because of this, we treat these design projects with the care and attention they deserve.

After an initial conversation we move to the drawing board, and our artist will spend many hours perfecting the design. After this, the required engraved printing plates are made and then sent to the stamping press. The dedicated hours spent on a coat of arms design is the only way to achieve the final intricate result.

As this was a coat of arms letterhead for private stationary, the mediums we used were incredibly important to the final piece. We used fine laid paper, which features laid lines that create a ribbed texture, giving the coat of arms its raised, 3D appearance. We also used five colour die-stamping, perfect registration and sculpted emboss to complete the final piece. 

The Result

The finished result is a beautifully elegant  and intricate coat of arms that is made unique by the vibrant colours. The deep blue and bright yellow cascade down the helmet to frame the shield. This is complemented by the red and deep grey on the shield, which further allows the blue and yellow to shine out from the page. The final effect is a wonderfully prominent design that signals prestige and Swiss heritage.

Coat of Arms Letterheads, Private Stationery and More

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