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Linley Christmas Invitation

Snowflakes are scattered across the surface of this wintry Christmas card invitation. Midnight blues and metallic silver evoke the spirit of a magical twilight evening in December.  Pearlescent card, flat printing and silver foil give this card its special touch, and are actually somewhat of an optical illusion. Read on to see how we crafted this masterpiece that remains frozen in time. 

The Client

These Christmas invitations were made for our client Linley London, the esteemed bespoke luxury furniture brand. Created by David Linley, the Earl of Snowden, this brand has expert craftsmanship at its heart.  

The Brief

Linley wanted us to create this event invitation for a Christmas lunch they were hosting. We decided to take inspiration from the unique woodwork that Linley produces to make this special festive invitation.

The Process

The intricate snowflakes are the star of the show on this Christmas invite. Each snowflake has detailed geometric patterns reminiscent of the crystallisation that takes place in nature - forming beautiful symmetrical shapes. The shading on each snowflake of midnight and ice blue creates layers and texture in the piece - as if the snowflakes are falling out of the card to greet you. The patterns and lines are also purposeful imitations of Linley’s woodwork itself - and the snowflakes could easily be at home as wooden decorations on a Christmas tree. Interestingly, despite looking 3D, this invitation is flat printed, showcasing how the right printing and shadow play can make a simple design look much more complicated. 

At Downey, we are experts in creating detailed and complex pieces. We have crafted invitations, wedding suites and coats of arms that are loaded with different design processes. However, we can also make simple designs look more complicated- and bring the magic out of the ordinary. 

The flat printing on this christmas card design showcases this beautifully. The blue snowflake pattern is printed on white pearlescent stock, which gives the design its shimmery look. Adding to this is the silver foil ( the sister of our trusted gold foil) that is used for the detailing of the invitation. And voila - an event invitation that doesn’t cost the earth, using simple processes and a bit of Christmas sparkle. 

The Result

The outcome was an invitation design that stands out from the crowd and captures the true spirit of Christmas. 

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