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Madame Tussauds Luxury Presentation Packaging Design

We were commissioned to create these property presentation boxes when the building that is home to Madame Tussauds in London was set to be sold. The finished piece consisted of the presentation box with a sculpted gold foil and embossed portrait of Madame Marie Tussaud. Inside, within a bespoke black foam casing, sat a custom wrapped tablet that played the presentation video, a singer sewn embossed brochure resting on top of the foam, which also housed the headphones, and a special wax figurine.

The Client

We are committed to protecting our clients’ privacy, and we will never share any completed projects or personal information without explicit consent. Many of our clients, including the agency that commissioned this project, request to remain anonymous and we are dedicated to respecting their wishes.

In this case, we believe that the finished boxed packaging design speaks for itself and more than represents the luxury packaging design we can create.

The Brief

Much of our brief came from the agency, as they had a vision in their head that they wanted us to produce for them. Our designers are highly skilled, with expertise in taking a client’s idea and turning it into a practical and beautiful solution. No matter how thorough or vague a brief is, we have a proven track record of hitting the nail on the head with our designs.

The Process

This project took a couple of months to complete. After a long discussion with the agency involved to ensure we fully understood their detailed brief, our designers met internally to discuss how best to tackle this project.

What makes our team stand out is that we think differently. We pride ourselves on using a combination of traditional and modern techniques - all done in-house - that others may struggle to offer, meaning that every project we undertake is bespoke, beautiful and innovative. Our process and final pieces are truly one of a kind.

The Result

We are pleased to report that we successfully designed exactly what our client had in their mind’s eye.

The external bust is the most important aspect of this luxury packaging design. We wanted to achieve a 3D side profile of a bronze bust of Madame Marie Tussaud, which required a lot of careful planning and consideration to be properly executed. Our designers were aware that 3D aspects can look flat and lose detail when looked at straight on, so we made sure to make full use of the light and angles to ensure this did not happen. The choice of material - gold foil - also contributed to the successful 3D side profile on this boxed packaging.

The presentation video itself was played on a portable screen, which needed to be wrapped in a black card and gold foil case - keeping in line with the quality and beauty of the outside of the luxury packaging. However, we had to keep practicality in mind: it needed to be easy to press play and we couldn’t cover up the phone mount or the spot where headphones can be connected.

The most difficult part of this project was ensuring that the sound wasn’t muffled, which we were able to successfully achieve. We attribute much of this to our designer’s high level of detail - when you ensure that even the smallest part of a project is as close to perfection as possible, the overall end result will be phenomenal.

From the details to the embossing, this is one of our most beautiful boxed packaging designs yet. Our client was blown away by the end result and the attention to detail. Not only that, the building was eventually sold and our client’s goal was achieved - and we are very happy that we were invited to be a part of that process.

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