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Patek Philippe Summer Invitation

Pink budding flowers graciously frame this delightful event invitation for our client Patek Philippe. Spot the colourful birds and the fluttering butterflies against the backdrop of the gorgeous country estate where this event was held.  Read on to see how our talented designers created this stunning invitation. 

The Client

We made these event invitations for Patek Philippe, who need no introduction as a world renowned swiss luxury watch brand. Patek Philippe is one of our cherished clients, who we have worked closely with over the years, producing all kinds of beautiful  invitations for their events, as well as exhibition packaging including bags and presentation boxes. If there's one thing we are at Downey-  it’s versatile. 

The Brief

This particular invitation was made for their event in May 2017, which was held in a country estate in Berkshire. We were given artistic freedom over this invitation to make something that complemented the theme, so this was a chance for us to flex our creative muscles and work some magic. 

The Process

Ideation is always the starting point for any creation, and for this invitation we took inspiration from the theme of the event, and the beautiful country estate it was held in. 

For this detailed design - illustration and watercolour blend together to create the soft tableau that invites you into a summer garden. The illustration is down to our talented artists, who put pen to paper to create something beautiful. Our illustrators often draw up different variations of the same design, before they settle on one to use as the final piece. At Downey, attention to detail is in our DNA and we never create without it. 

What truly sets this invitation apart is the watercolour. Evoking gorgeous hues used in Impressionist paintings, the tones blend together effortlessly on the page. Watercolour has the dual effect of giving both lightness and depth to a piece of work. It perfectly captures the atmosphere and feel of a summer’s day in an English garden at one glance.

The design floats across the various parts of the invitation, as we see the blossoms and butterflies reappear throughout. The white card is the perfect backdrop for these, as well as giving a pristine and sleek appearance to the invitation. This is also achieved by the foil detail which gives an overall elegance to the final look.

It’s not unusual for us to use a variety of different design elements and techniques for each of our creations. Our extensive list of projects showcase just how much we can do. 

The Result

The finished result was a stunning invitation that perfectly complemented the event. Our client was very happy with the finished piece. The brilliant thing at Downey is that we can come up with the ideas, so you don’t have to.

Event Invitations, Illustrations and More

Do you want your creative problems solved? We can make your next event even more special by designing a bespoke invitation with illustration. We can even create a bespoke packaging box  for this if you want the full works. Our experts here at Downey are here to help and guide you every step of the way. Please contact our team for information and guidance on how we can create a beautifully bespoke project tailored to you.