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Bespoke Floral Hamper Box

This floral hamper box is bursting with colour and winter fruits. The sunset coloured peaches and oranges take centre stage, as green leaves cradle the plump blackberries and ripe strawberries, intertwining to create a stunning tableau. This bespoke hamper box was custom made for our client’s friends as a seasonal gift. 

The Client

We crafted these personalised hamper boxes for a private client, which were then given to their close friends as a gift during the winter holiday season.

The Brief

Our client represented a family who wanted to give their loved ones something they couldn’t buy as a seasonal gift: a selection of jam’s made from the fruits grown on their private estate. They tasked us with creating the hamper that would house these jams. Our ideation for this hamper box was based on the contents of the box and the estate itself. Sometimes the best ideas are close to home. 

The Process

As always, we liaise with the client to truly understand what they want out of each project - what they have in mind, and what route they may want to go down. During these conversations, we narrowed down materials and designs until we found the perfect fit. 

We then took the idea to the drawing board and had our talented artists design the perfect tableau. Then it is down to the rest of the team to use a selection of our specialised processes to create the boxes. In total the project took around three months. For bespoke pieces like this one, every detail must be correct. 

When creating these hamper boxes, we also had to consider their practicality. These boxes were transported all over the world, and had to withstand various modes of transport, while retaining their pristine condition with the jams intact. This meant our experts had to think logically and laterally - finding creative and practical solutions in one fell swoop. 

Luckily, here at Downey, our team are creative problem solvers. No brief is too daunting. Our extensive list of projects showcase just how much we can do. 

The Result

The finished result was a beautiful collection of personalised hamper boxes, all with a gorgeous floral design. The mauve background sets off the rich oranges, greens and reds of the fruits – reminiscent of the very garden they are from. This is a gorgeous example of how we can use a stimulus to create something utterly unique. 

Personalised Hamper Box, Packaging Design and More

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