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Custom Wedding Invitation Box with Lasercut Detail

Simple, elegant and dressed all in linen - this invitation box is fit to walk down the aisle. For this wedding piece we used two materials and one colour, giving an understated yet beautiful finished result. The linen gave a softness to the design whilst the deconstructed laser cut floral pattern hinted at something modern and contemporary. Read on to see how we did it. 

The Client

We made these invitation boxes for a private wedding client as a prototype for their special day.

The Brief

Our client wanted an invitation box for their wedding day. So we made a selection of mockups for them to choose from - as we don’t do things by halves. The couple picked  another design from the lineup for their day, but this was still one of our favourites. 

The Process

When we make prototypes we see it as a way for us to explore new ideas, and try out new material combinations. For this project we decided to use a beige linen to cover the presentation box. This gave the box a delicate and soft presence - both to look at and to touch. Texture in a piece of work is something we always consider and is part of what makes the final product. On opening an invitation, brochure or presentation box, part of the experience of the piece is the way it feels in your hands. For this design, this was highlighted even more so, as the soft touch linen was an unexpected twist on the usual wedding invitation box. 

On top of the linen we used a tonal paper that matched the exact shade of beige and into this lazer cut a geometric pattern. This design was a deconstructed floral tableau- the traditional mixed with the contemporary. The indents and lines naturally created shadow and light, giving depth to the final piece. This pattern was laid on top of an angled flap used for the box itself, again adding to the modern yet simple elegance. 

The Result

The outcome was a glorious wedding invitation box that inspired our designs to come. 

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