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Nespresso BAFTA Nominee Party Menu

This truly unique, laser-cut party menu design with delicate coffee plant leaf detail was a special project we worked on for the BAFTA Nespresso Nominees Party in 2017. We used fully recyclable and biodegradable ebony paper stock, with gold foil for the logo and text.

The Client

We partnered with Nespresso’s event planner in London to create these stunning menus. 

Whether working directly with the recipient of our print and design projects or a third party ‘middle man’, we have the flexibility, understanding and expertise to create beautiful projects our clients, and their clients, will love and remember for years to come.

The Brief

The event planner came to us when Nespresso was sponsoring the BAFTAs, looking for the perfect menu for the event. Once the nominees were announced, a meal was to be hosted by Nespresso. The dinner itself was to be incredibly special and unforgettable — something worthy of a guest list such as this one. The menus had to reflect this as well, ensuring that they were as high impact and high quality as the attendees and food, all while visually representing the sponsor.

The Process

It took our team three weeks to complete these 70 BAFTA menus. As with many of our clients, we were allowed to let our creativity run wild with this project. We knew immediately that the menu design should involve coffee — there is nothing more instantly recognisable for Nespresso — while still maintaining the feel of charisma and allure worthy of such a Hollywood-esque event.

We were also aware that the menus had to be highly visual and stand out. As they were to be for a film awards event, it could be easy for them to be overshadowed by all that was going on around them — and yet, we knew we could ensure they held their own at the dinner table. Functionality, beauty and glamour had to meld into one seamless finished product.

In the end, our designers took influence from wedding invitations they had created in the past to make a gorgeous party menu design worthy of the BAFTAs.

The Result

What makes these menus so special is the extremely fine laser cut detail. Despite being a relatively simple process, it has a delicately detailed and highly visual impact we love. We used a black card with gold foil for the text, and scanned coffee plant leaf veins onto the edges, which were measured precisely with a laser beam. This is a process that produces exceptional results, as the laser carefully and accurately burns through the paper, creating lovely details.

The finished project was exactly what we wanted when we began: standout menus that our client, Nespresso and the event attendees all loved. We recognise that sometimes simplicity is key. If your finished project ends up being too elaborate, it can come off as gaudy and unattractive. It’s a delicate process and a skill knowing when to hold back and when to pull out all the stops — a skill our designers have honed over the years.

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