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Boodles Corporate Stationery Suite

Simple, sophisticated, and enveloped in the finest materials - this corporate stationery set is a testament to the Boodles legacy. For this ensemble, we harmonised three elements: style, colour, and material, crafting an understated yet stunning representation of the brand's identity. Read on to see how we did it.

The Client

Boodles, the iconic British jewellery brand (and fellow multi-generational family business), known for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, sought to elevate its corporate identity through a curated stationery suite.

The Brief

The challenge was clear: create a stationery set that embodies Boodles distinctive brand essence. This project was not just about creating stationery; it was about crafting an emblematic representation of Boodles that would resonate with its esteemed clientele. 

The Process

Embracing the responsibility, we delved into the essence of Boodles. The hallmark of this brand - its signature baby pink colour and iconic logo - served as our inspiration. Our journey began with selecting the finest materials, a testament to our commitment to excellence since our inception. At Downey, we understand that a brand's stationery is akin to its uniform, a tangible expression of its identity and positioning in the market.

Drawing from our rich heritage of printing expertise, we sought to create a set that stood the test of time. Each piece of the suite, from letterheads to business cards, was designed to be a cohesive part of a larger narrative, telling the story of Boodles' dedication to beauty and precision.

Our design process was both meticulous and creative, ensuring that the final product was not merely stationery but a collection of art pieces that spoke volumes about Boodles' legacy. The choice of materials, the specific Boodles  pink, and the precise rendering of the logo were all carefully considered to achieve a seamless blend of brand identity and aesthetic appeal.

The use of blind embossed detailing further accentuated the luxuriousness of the stationery, mirroring the craftsmanship of Boodles' jewellery. This attention to detail and commitment to using only the finest materials underscore why brands like Boodles entrust us with their image.

The Result

At Downey, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform concepts into tangible expressions of a brand's ethos, seen in our invitations and packaging ensuring that each project we undertake is a reflection of our client's prestige and our dedication to excellence in design and printing.

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