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Browns Fashion Press Packs Brochure Layout

Our relationship with Browns began back in 2015 with the creation of their fashion press packs. With a brochure layout that took full advantage of a concertina folding technique, colours that perfectly matched the original images with the recognised Downey attention to detail, the finished product was a beautiful press pack that flawlessly showcased Browns’ latest collection.

The Client

Browns has been an institute of London fashion since the 1970s. The iconic luxury fashion boutique has been styling London for decades, swiftly becoming an innovative leader in the world of fashion and design. At Downey, we specialise in working with brands of such stature and sophistication, and know just how to use print and brochure layouts to perfectly display their messaging without ever saying a word.

The Brief

We began working with Browns because of our relationship with the luxury fashion marketplace FARFETCH. As we had already done some work with FARFETCH in the past, when they acquired Browns back in 2015 it was only natural that they call us in for assistance on any upcoming creative projects.

Our first project was only a month after their acquisition, in July of 2015, and took just two weeks to complete. With London Fashion Week right around the corner, they knew now was the perfect time to present their new collection. Our team was on hand to provide advice and guidance for producing a new brochure showcasing the mens’ and womens’ fashion styles from their new range.

The Process

As always, our process begins with our client and their specific needs and wants. We sat down with the client’s design lead to learn more about their vision and what they wanted from their fashion press packs. We knew immediately that the visuals had to be stunning and the colours had to pop. With these requirements in mind, we were ready to begin creating the perfect press pack in time for London Fashion Week.

The Result

Colour was at the forefront of our brochure design inspiration process, so we chose to utilise lithographic printing to help each distinct hue pop. The end result was full, rich colours with a clear, glossy element detail added with spot UV.

We paid particularly close attention to remaining true to the colours found in the original imagery. It’s well known that reprinting fashion images with accurate colours can be a challenge, but the lithographic printing technique and spot gloss UV finish both helped in reproducing accurate colour and quality that perfectly matched the original image.

Presentation is just as important as colour, especially for a luxury fashion client such as Browns. As the fashion press pack was to showcase a variety of styles from their new collection, our team made sure the brochure layout took advantage of concertina folding so that the finished product could easily present a variety of images.

Throughout the process our team was hypersensitive to every detail no matter how small, ensuring that the finished product was perfect, from the creasing to the colours on the logo. This attention to detail is something we bring to all of our projects and is one of the reasons our clients come to us for their print and design needs time and time again.

Brochure Design Inspiration from Downey

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