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Accept and Proceed Ten Years of Light Invitation

Light and shade are beautifully played out in this event invitation celebrating a decade long exploration into the power of light in design. These striking duplexed invitations were made for Accept and Proceed design agency, for their ‘Ten Years of Light’ exhibition. At nearly 10 mm thickness - these invites pack a punch, exposing shades of grey at each glance. Read on to see how we made them. 

The Client

These invitations were made for the dynamic, forward-thinking design agency Accept and Proceed. We made them in collaboration with paper merchant GF Smith in 2015. 

The Brief

We were asked to create these event invitations for the Accept and Proceed ‘Ten Years of Light’ exhibition evening in Hoxton. Each year they produce a calendar where they find a way to play with light, and explore its endless design possibilities. This particular invitation marked their decade long journey - so had to be showstopping. 

The Process

For this invitation design - the client had the idea in mind of what they wanted, and needed us to carry out the execution. A complex project like this requires expert handling and a deep understanding of the materials used. At Downey, we pride ourselves in our knowledge, which enables us to create complex creations like multi layered presentation boxes and pop-up invitations. Our print design skills are unmatched, and we can bring to life even the most complicated and convoluted ideas. 

The text on these event invitations plays with the concept of light itself - making the invitations distinctly meta in design. On both the black and the white side, the text can only be read from certain angles, or when the light catches it. This is achieved by using foil blocking and blind debossing - hot foil is pressed into the card which forms the dented text look. We think there is something intriguing about a design that’s hidden in plain sight. 

Arguably the most unique aspect of this invitation design is its 10mm card thickness. This is created through a technique called duplexing, where paper stacks are layered finely on top of one another. With careful precision, these cards -  ranging in shades from white to black - form a spectrum of shade. This creation invites perspective - the further away you are, you observe a more of a soft tonal gradient. On closer inspection, you can see the minute paper stacks that are layered on top of one another to form the whole piece. What’s even more interesting is when the invitations are piled together, resulting in a tonal masterpiece of endless shades.  In all of our work, we think about a piece from every angle.  

The Result

The finished result was a striking event invitation that played with light and dark, foreshadowing a brilliant event that was to come. 

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