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Cartier Jewellery Catalogue

When it comes to luxury products, there’s no one more iconic than Cartier - and when it comes to luxury printing, our experts here at Downey are the best in the business. So when you put Cartier’s iconic jewellery and Downey’s unrivalled bespoke print design services together, you find a match made in heaven.

The Client: Cartier

We have been working with the French luxury company Cartier for many years, completing hundreds of special projects for them over that time period. We are pleased to be there for them for all of their bespoke print design needs, from jewellery catalogues, like this one, to luxury invitations and more.

The Brief: Jewellery Catalogue Design

In 2015, Cartier came to us looking for a brochure design they could use to showcase their new range of high jewellery. This Cartier jewellery catalogue was to be shown to a very select group of clients, so we immediately knew that the design had to be flawless, exquisite and luxurious - just like their brand.

The Process: Making the Jewellery Printed Catalogue

When printing a Cartier iconic jewellery catalogue like this one, each and every detail had to be unparalleled to properly showcase the colours and other facets of the incredible photography - it has to be perfectly replicated with print and paper. Not only that, but the material chosen (in this case, paper) has to be of the highest standard, ensuring it has the luxurious feel Cartier is known for.

The Result: A Beautiful High Jewellery Catalogue

The finished product is simple, elegant and sleek. It is a book with a hard cover featuring a rough black linen cloth fabric and words in silver foil. The inside is smooth, clean and crisp, with outstanding print and imagery inside - exactly what you would expect to see from a Cartier jewellery catalogue.

Bespoke Jewellery Catalogue Design and More

Whether you are looking for a project similar to this gorgeous Cartier catalogue, sensational handmade stationery or captivating coat of arms design services, Downey is here to help. Please contact our team when you are ready to discuss your next project.