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American Wedding Invitations

Created from a palette of soft, dove-grey cardstock with letterpress and white foil, these elegant wedding invitations were crafted with a unique blend of printing techniques.  Designed for a couple for their upcoming nuptials, these multi-textured invitations are both timeless and modern - read on to see the thoughtful design process behind these exquisite invitations.

The Client 

These custom wedding invitations were made for a private client for their special day.

The Brief

For this exclusive project, we had the privilege of creating designing 100 luxury wedding invitations for a discerning private client. Their vision was clear: to create an invitation suite that was timeless, elegant and personal.

The Process

The foundation was a premium, dove grey card stock. At Downey, we know how the right card choice can elevate a piece of work - and our invitations, packaging and wedding prints are testament to that. This dove grey card laid the groundwork for a beautiful and long lasting invite. Onto this, we applied three select printing techniques.

We used a charcoal-grey Pantone ink to print the couple's monogram  and bring it to life. Embedded within their chosen typeface, this monogram served as the invitation's focal point, symbolising their forthcoming journey together.

Following this, a blind deboss technique was employed, pressing a delicate pattern into the card without ink. This added a layer of sophistication and dimension, making the invitation not just a visual treat but also a delight to touch.

The pièce de résistance was the application of a subtle white foil, accompanied by a pronounced deboss, to etch an intricate pattern around the monogram. This detail, understated in colour yet contrasting slightly against the soft grey backdrop, brought a contemporary elegance to the design. This method demonstrated our dedication to nuanced craftsmanship, creating a multifaceted texture that was both visually and tactilely appealing.

The coordinating wedding envelopes were fashioned in a similar grey hue, embodying classic charm while perfectly complementing the invitations within. Each envelope was delicately lined with white tissue by hand, adding an element of surprise and opulence upon opening.

The Result

The result was a collection of bespoke wedding invitations that perfectly captured the client's vision of timeless elegance and personal touch. The harmonious blend of the grey monogram, sophisticated blind deboss, and delicate white foil detailing culminated in a multi-textured, captivating invitation.

Wedding Invitations, Menus, and More 

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